Tuesday, August 12, 2008

condom shack & charles st creeps

Submitted by: Lisa

About a week ago I was walking down Queen St with my friend and I got accosted by some random guy in front of Condom Shack. I was actually kind of expecting an encounter of the sort since it was getting late and this happens most times I go out, so I brought along a sweater to cover up with in the hopes avoiding such a situation (it seems to happen less often when i'm wearing more clothes). Unfortunately, being all covered up didn't help and I just ended up feeling all vulnerable again.

I was walking east-ward and he was just standing with his buddy right in the middle of the street. I was just going to go around him, completely keeping to myself, but he had other plans. As I was walking past him he stepped in front of me, blocking my path and asked me if I wanted to go home with him.

Do people like that actually think their technique works? Or do they just do it to be assholes?

About a month ago I was walking down Charles St towards Yonge and almost the exact same thing happened, except this time, in addition to blocking my path and propositioning me, the creep actually reached out for my arm. Both times I just left feeling like a gross piece of meat and angry at myself for not saying anything back to them because it all happened so fast.

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