Monday, September 22, 2008

mall mayhem

Submitted by: Lisa

This happened a few years ago at the always-ghetto Scarborough Town Centre... I was on break from work so I decided to do a little shopping. All of a sudden there's this gross guy trailing behind me and he's telling me something in a language unknown to me.

This was in the middle of a crowded Suzy Shier so although I was annoyed, I wasn't too worried for my safety at the time. There were plenty of people around. I decided to employ my usual tactic of ignoring the creep and hoping he'd go away - it usually works, but sadly, for me, it didn't work that time. This went on for about five to ten minutes, just him following me around from clothing rack to clothing rack trying to get my attention. At this point I was getting kinda freaked out because he wasn't giving up and he was getting really in-my-face, so I just got out of that store as fast as I could. Luckily he didn't follow me out.

Looking back, I should've told him to fuck off or at least I should've alerted someone who worked at the store, but I was a scared 17-year-old and I was worried that by calling attention to the situation he'd get angry and follow me back to my workplace.

Another work-related story: I used to work at a clothing store at the same mall, and one time this guy came in and started hounding me for my name, number, when I usually worked, and he just wouldn't leave me alone despite my uninterested answers and my making myself busy. After he stopped talking to me I could still see him watching me from a few feet away and it was making me so uncomfortable. Once again I was too afraid to tell him to get the fuck out because I was at work and I was afraid of getting in trouble with my boss for yelling at a 'customer'.

These creeps obviously don't care how young the people they're harassing are, or whether they're at work or not, or whether they have onlookers... it's truly disgusting.

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