Saturday, November 29, 2008

Staring Daggers Downtown

Submitted by: Anonymous

I was walking down Bay St to get to the subway station and some random old guy [i'm talking grandfather-old] walked past and made the most disgusting grunting sounds at me, whilst staring and saying something along the lines of, "Cute little thing." It was like getting called out by that disgusting old man on Family Guy and I definitely didn't take it as a compliment...

ALSO: I was taking the subway home with my boyfriend tonight and there was this guy sitting across from us who kept staring me down the entire ride... like, without looking away for very long. It was pretty uncomfortable and I wasn't really expecting it since this usually just happens when I'm on my own. We finally reached my subway stop and I was afraid he would be getting out as well, and potentially get all verbal, so my boyfriend volunteered to get out at the station with me. It turns out he didn't get out at the same stop as us, but we gave the creep the finger as the train started to leave. Mature? Maybe not. Satisfying? You bet.

Staring really isn't just harmless when it makes you feel completely uncomfortable and gross by the end of the ride. For once it'd be nice to get on the subway without the fear of being seen and treated as just some subordinate sex object.

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