Monday, July 20, 2009

more mall creeps

Submitted by: Lisa

The worst is when it happens at work and they deceive you into thinking they're real customers, only to then say something offhanded and walk away leaving you boiling with rage!

At work yesterday I had these two guys stop by my store and they seemed genuinely interested in the merchandise they were looking at so I was trying to answer all their questions and responding to their small talk. Then one of them said they had to go meet a friend, but before they left, the other one was all, "You seem like a lot of fun, can we get in touch with you later on?" Which is innocent enough I suppose... but I turned them down and they kept persisting, so then I was like, "I have a boyfriend," to which they responded, "Since when is that a problem?" !!!

It's one thing for something like that to happen when you're out at night, but when it happens completely unexpectedly at work, that's when it really starts pissing me off. It's my job to be friendly to customers, especially the ones who seem non-creepy at first... that's no reason to think I'm interested even after I say I'm not.

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