Thursday, July 23, 2009

more updates on mall trolls

Submitted by: Lisa

Just an update on more harassment while at work, this time by a different guy. He showed up at my store with some damaged merchandise and wanted the number for head office, so I gave it to him.

Me: Here's the number for head office - they should be able to help you.
Perv: So you're going to give me head office's number and your number too, right? Because you're really cute?
Me: No, you're out of luck, I'm just giving you the number for head office.
Perv: But you said you'd give me your number! That's what you said you were doing!
Me: No, I said I'd give you head office's number so they can help you.

This goes on for awhile with the guy pestering me for my number... I try to rush him out of the store so I can stop being harassed in front of my other customers, but he still sticks around, asking to talk to me. I keep telling him I'm busy [and i am, with real customers] so he asks to talk to my co-worker, who is also busy so I tell him that.

After he finally left, I asked my co-worker what he said and apparantly he was trying to pick her up as well and commented on how good her ass looked and was trying to get her number. Then before he finally left, he tried to get the numbers of some of our female customers. So gross.

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