Sunday, October 25, 2009

more workplace pickups

Submitted by: Lisa

I was at work the other day and some random guy showed up, trying to pick me up. This happens almost every time I go to work but this instance especially got on my nerves right from the beginning when I saw his hoodie with "JUST SEX - NO RELATIONSHIP" in big bold letters across the back.

My co-worker was already helping him out but then he called me over and starting asking a bunch of personal questions about my love life and where I'm from... he started listing off about 20 different countries and would not go away. I kept trying to direct the conversation back to the work-related things but nothing was really working.

I wonder if this tactic ever works for guys like this, or if it's just because they get some sick pleasure over accosting girls while they're at work and can't escape or be outwardly rude, ESPECIALLY if they're very subtle in their harassment.

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