Sunday, April 4, 2010

Being Followed After Work

Submitted by: Elva

I worked til 10:45 or so, after work I took a bus to the subway then got on another bus. On the bus, I could feel a guy looking at me from the back. He was in his 40's maybe. I figured he knew me from somewhere. However, he continued to look at me, and when i got off the bus, him and another man got off the bus. I walked for a minute or so, with one man behind me (they were walking separately) and one man in front of me. The guy in front of me suddenly veered off the sidewalk, so i assumed with relief that he lived at that house. Instead he lit up a cigarette and waited for me to pass him, then started to walk again with me in front. I hate when people walk behind me, so i also did the same, waiting on a pathway to a house so that both men could pass me. He looked surprised when i did this. The first man walked fairly fast but the leering man from the bus was walking fairly slowly and kept looking behind him as he walked. It was pretty late in a residential neighbourhood so there weren't many people about. I crossed the street so i could keep a further eye on the leery man. He was a head of me most of the time until i finally got ahead of him, in which case, he crossed the street so he was behind me. Creepy! That's when i crossed the street again, back to the other side. He did the same. (Making it Really obvious he was following me!) At that point I stopped out side of a closed convenience store and ate some chips. He looked confused but passed me, staring at me as he went. I glared back at him. I stayed there for a few minutes being totally creeped out and confused and didn't have my cellphone all charged up so i couldn't call anyone/take a picture of him! I then watched him walk down the street. He kept looking behind himself at me, I'm assuming he was trying to see where i was going/if i was still behind him. I waited until he was about a block away and then i turned down another street.

At the time, i didn't really think it was super creepy until my suspicion was confirmed that he was indeed following me... I just wished i had flagged down a police car/talked to the guy walking his dog about it (who was around for a few minutes) ... I feel worried that this might happen to some one else or that this guy saw the place i went into.

This is what the guy looks like:
- probably in his 40's
- about 5'5" or maybe a little shorter
- of Asian descent
- kind of a bowl cut, with longer hair than men usually have... it went just below the ear
- glasses
- kinda stooped over style of walking
- kind of awkward demeanor

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