Sunday, April 25, 2010

why 'no' should always mean 'no'

Submitted by: F.

I was on my way to a school event on Wednesday night where everyone was told to dress up in their finest. So I threw on a gorgeous cocktail dress and heels and made my way to the subway. Unfortunately, I had to travel alone.I knew I was going to get some unwanted attention but not like this.

A man who was on the subway car when I got on followed me all the way to College Station. He started talking to me and asked me if I had a boyfriend. I immediately replied “yes” as I wasn’t interested. He started going on about how he could treat me better than my boyfriend and that I should go out for coffee with him. I kept saying no and yet he kept following me.

I started getting on the escalator when he decided to stand right behind me and push his cock against my butt. I was so disgusted that I darted right up the steps and refused to answer him. Yet, he still followed me out of the station and went on and on about how we could still be friends and that I shouldn’t deny myself of other options. At that moment, the streetcar pulled up and I jumped on it. I was so happy when he didn’t get on and he crossed the street instead.

I wish he got the hint when I first said “no” and this is not stopping me from wearing my short dresses. I think I have to learn a better way to get creepers like this to disappear faster because clearly the “I have a boyfriend tactic” doesn’t always work.

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