Sunday, December 12, 2010

holla-ing back at street harassers

Submitted by: Jordan
Location: Broadview/Danforth, and The beaches

The first story happened a few years ago. I was standing outside of the LCBO having a cigarette and waiting for some friends who were inside buying alcohol. I was minding my own business, ignoring people and was probably alone for a total of 10 minutes. It was the summer, and there was a group of men in a sportscar with the top down. They decided (unanimously apparently) to start hollering and yelling at me in a manner that was inherently sexual and violent. I was literally 10 feet away from these guys, and could clearly identify them. I tried to ignore them, but they kept on going and were getting louder and I reciprocated. I screamed (and I mean straight out screamed) "I AM 16 A**HOLES" and glared at them hard. They IMMEDIATELY stopped hollering and turned their heads as a method of trying to deny their previous actions. People walking by me on the street laughed.

I used to be harassed fairly often when I was younger, and this second occurance happened in my niehgborhood. I was walking back from the drugstore, and it was stop and go traffic on Queen street. Yet again, minding my own business when some random man in an SUV starts saying some shit to me, mainly along the lines of 'hey baby' or some other unwarranted BS. I snapped right back with a very loud "F*CK OFF", which yet again got me some laughs from passersby. The moron in the SUV then called me a bitch. Logic is apparently not the strong point of street harassers.

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