Thursday, August 14, 2008

dance floor disaster!

Submitted as an anonymous comment to 'A Birthday Present from Hell'

Thanks for posting your story. I commend you for your courage and I'm so sorry you and many others have experienced something like this.

I've been through the same treatment at a club. I was there with my friends, and because my boyfriend wasn't with me, I was automatically fair game to one of the many disgusting male prowlers on the dance floor. I was dancing with my best friend when I felt two hands around my waist and something rather uninvited pressing against my ass. Like you, I was afraid to do anything at first, but I finally got angry and shoved him away. My friend grabbed my arm and yelled at him to back off. Luckily a bouncer took care of the rest, hauling him out the door. Embarrassed, I left soon after, my night ruined.

Sure, there are likely some women who desire this sort of attention and visit nightclubs to get it, but I wasn't one of them and I was disgusted and appalled. I'd wished I'd done something sooner instead of letting him near my body, even for a second.

It's completely unfair though, isn't it? Why can't a woman go out and have a good time with her friends without being violated by some jerkcircle douchebag?

Anyways. Good for you for posting, honey. I hope other men with your New Years criminal's attitude reads your story and realizes the damage he's doing.

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