Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dumped by Dimitri

Submitted by: Cassandra
OMG! A couple of months ago a Greek guy approached me while I was shopping at No Frills in Bloor West Village. We dated for a couple of weeks. He was a great lover, great conversationalist, great guy ... or so it seemed, until things got really creepy: one day over dinner he informed me that due to my inability to "keep up with (him) in bed", he would bring another woman to our lovemaking sessions as "back up" (OK, so I can't go for HOURS). I was so creeped out, disgusted, and insulted, that I ceased all communication with him. Up until yesterday I had second thoughts about my decision and was tempted to call him. However, now I see the photo on the torontoist web site and it was none other than DIMITRI THE LOVER! I went on his personal web site and now I feel so used. What a misogynistic pig!!! I was just played.

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