Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Dirt on Dimitri

Submitted by: Colleen
I also have a Dimitri story but I am here more to warn women about him rather than trash the man for what he does. I was accosted by Dimitri The Lover at the Metro grocery store on the Ryerson campus. He said he frequents this store 2-3 times per week, usually in the late afternoons. I saw him there as recently as yesterday. I want everyone on campus to read what I am writing so that they know how to deal with him if he approaches them too. He used a very sexually charged approach. For example, he told me I had a powerful sexual aura and suggested that I was one of the few women in Toronto who's "inner slut" was "fully awakened". He was extremely charming, persistent, and strikingly handsome in person (much better looking than the photo on line, which makes identification difficult). He mentioned the fact that he had other lovers on campus, likely to make me feel comfortable. When I asked him to name names, he said something along the lines of "would you like me to mention YOUR name and WHAT we did sexually to other students?" I agreed. He told me that our sexual rendezvous would be "our little secret" because men being "sluts" was far more socially acceptable than women being "sluts". He really made sense, seemed to take a feminist approach, and made me feel comfortable. I didn't like the term "sluts" but I understood it in that context. He spoke in a very confident tone and used sentences without "if's" but with "when's". In other words, "WHEN we make love tonight you are going to experience ecstacy" and "WHEN we wake up tomorrow morning we'll do brunch". It was in August just before the fall semester and I figured "why not?", so I went home with him. Initially my perceptions of Dimitri were the same as the other poster: outstanding lover, very witty, brilliant mind, etc., then like her, one day he kinda freaked me out a bit. I have absolutely no interest in being sexual with another woman, but he was adamant that I had a "bisexual aura" and suggested that as a "test" of my bisexuality I watch him have sex with another woman and join in if I felt like it. I was kinda insulted at first but more morbidly intrigued at his audacity, so I agreed to go through with it. But my feminist spirit kicked in the morning of the scheduled day, and I politely backed out because I did not want to do it just because a man said so. I really understand why women fall for this guy, so listen up girls: He has a certain masculine energy which is rather overwhelming and intoxicating. He is so unidimensional and penocentric in his sexuality that he is perfect for a woman who just wants hot sex. But the problem is that Dimitri doesn't respect boundaries. He has a sociopathic charm that is dangerous. Also, he asked me if I had unfulfilled "rape fantasies". That really concerned me too. He never took advantage of me when we were alone, but the word "rape" doesn't belong in any courtship conversation. Maybe one day he'll snap? If any women are approached by him I would personally suggest that unless you are looking just for raw sex, you run the other direction. Like herpes or cocaine, Dimitri is a tough one to shake off. BTW ... do any girls have a better, clearer photo of the guy to upload to the web site so that women can be properly warned? I tired googling but to no avail. Also, he told me that he picks up U of T girls at the Metro on Bloor near Spadina, but he says the Ryerson girls, specifically "Interior Design" and "Journalism" program, were the "easiest" (lol, I am in NEITHER of those programs!)

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