Sunday, January 11, 2009

Facebook Fail

Submitted by: Disgruntled mall employee

This happened a couple weeks ago over the holidays. I was at work and a whole group of really thugged out looking gangster guys were circling around my store pretending to look at merchandise. I wasn't really in a rush to help them since they were probably just trolling the whole mall not really looking to buy anything. Anyway, one of them called me over and was all, "Can I have your number?" I was just about to bitch him out but then he changed his tune and was all, "The number of the store." Right. So I gave him the store's card and they were on their way... sort of. Now they were just walking around pretending to look at stuff while still obviously staring at me. Finally they left but not before turning back to give me the whole hungry dog up-down look several times, and then they went to linger on a bench right beside the store.

-10 minutes later-

The guy who asked for my number was back and his wingman was calling me over. Being at work, I couldn't just ignore them as much as I wanted to. But this guy had no game. He asked for my extension at the store. He asked for my name and if I was on Facebook. I told him I don't add creepy strangers to Facebook and finally they left me alone.There's enough creepy randoms trying to add my to facebook, I don't need to find them at work, too.

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