Saturday, February 7, 2009

fending off guys at the funeral parlour

Submitted by: Lisa

So this wasn't as extreme as some other encounters I've had, but I was at the funeral parlour last night for the viewing of my friend's mother... it was being shared between her and another family who was there for a separate viewing. There was an insane amount of people there for the other family though, and every time I walked down the hall I'd get head-turns from half a dozen men who would all do the same up-down look and hungry eyes.

I don't expect men to hide it when they find a woman attractive, but I just found it extremely disrespectful in that context, especially since I was there to mourn, not to feel uncomfortable and undressed by their eyes. I think it just caught me off-gaurd because it usually only happens on the street or in the subway, and I was wearing a dowdy black ensemble anyway.

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