Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Man Arrested For Subway Assault May Be Tied To At Least 3 Other Victims

A simple picture of a man seen leaving a subway station has resulted in the arrest of a suspect wanted for numerous sexual assaults - and the hunt for more victims.

Last week, we showed you a picture of a man police accuse of sexually assaulting a 27-year-old woman at the Sherbourne subway station on Tuesday, along with a plea for his name. He started talking to the victim and when she brushed him off, he's alleged to have sexually assaulted her.
He then quickly bolted up the stairs and disappeared.

The photo was remarkably clear and the phones started ringing. And it was only then the cops were able to tie the name they received to a series of other disturbing incidents.

"As a result of releasing the security camera footage with his image, people did call giving a name," P.C. Tony Vella tells "But once the officers looked into it further, [they believe] he is allegedly responsible for other similar occurrences."

Among them: an intrusion at the Rosedale Valley Heights School of the Arts on February 2nd, when two 16-year-old girls were sexually assaulted. A man of similar description is also believed to have committed a similar crime at an apartment complex at 45 Carlton St. Sunday night.
In all four cases, the victims were touched inappropriately by a man who accosted them and then ran away.

Cops were able to collar 45-year-old Babak Rahimzadeh on Monday morning. He's facing four counts of sexual assault but investigators fear there may be more victims out there who have either been too afraid to come forward or simply don't think it's a major crime that needs to be reported.

But authorities are trying to put together multiple cases on their subject and need your help to do it. If you think he had contact with you, call (416) 808-5100 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (416) 222-TIPS (8477).

Rahimzadeh's journey to justice begins at College Park courts on Tuesday morning.


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