Thursday, May 28, 2009

nude beach nuisance

Submitted by: Kim

My girlfriend and I went to Hanlans Point Beach and immediately this guy approached us naked and talked to us about inane things. He introduced himself as "Peter", knelt down in front of us and after five minutes of small talk he started with more personal questions. Soon he wanted to apply suntan lotion to our backs or wanted for us to put it on his back, and in any situation this would be creepy, but he was naked and aggressive too and it we gave an emphatic NO. Anyways he stayed around for another five minutes or so while we didn't say anything and faced away from him. He eventually got up and left us alone. However, over the next hour or so, he "cruised" along the beach hitting on any other women unfortunate enough to be around. He also seemed to be "excited" a lot...I don't mean he was erect but he was usually somewhere along the way anyways...

We got fed up as there were other men making our afternoon miserable, and we went over to the nearly empty clothing-only side of Hanlans Point. Well what would you know but this guy soon followed! There were no lifeguards that day to stop him, so he marched on over to molest the clothed bathers too! ...and we also found out why he was always so "excited" he approached the clothing-only section, he first looked around cautiously for a while, and then jerked himself for a while until he was a "larger size"!!!! We watched this as he then approached another woman enjoying the beachfront, she ignored him pretty thoroughly though as he tried talking with her naked, half-erect, illegally on a clothing-only beach!!!!(I actually got a picture of this)

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