Monday, June 15, 2009

trouble with TTC employees

Submitted by: Lisa

I was taking the southbound subway at Queen station last Thursday around 2pm. I have a metropass, but since it wasn't busy, I decided to just go through the open lane where a TTC employee was sitting waiting to collect fares. He said hi and I thought he was just being friendly because it's his job, so I returned the greeting. Then it got gross because he gave me the typical pervy up-down gawking and tried flirting with me, but I just scuttled away because my train was there.

It was just uncomfortable at the time because it felt like he was taking advantage of the fact that the station was completely empty and that he could get away with being less than professional while on the job. It was also upsetting because this isn't the first time I've had an encounter like this with TTC staff. Last year I was accosted by a ticket collector at Bay station who started asking personal information about me, asking for my number, and made comments about my physical appearance.

That's not to say that all TTC employees are like this, but it's disgusting that when I buy my metropass every month I'm helping to fund some creep who gets paid to sit around and gawk at women. They should be forced to wear nametags so if commuters have a complaint about inappropriate behaviour from staff, it's easier to identify the exact person at fault.

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