Sunday, November 29, 2009

getting picked up at the pride parade

Submitted by: Laura
Location: Yonge St outside of Wellesley station

Oddly enough, this happened during the 2009 Pride Parade! I got off at Wellesley to watch the parade and to wait for a few of my friends who were going to meet me outside the station. I walked up ahead a little so I could watch the parade while I was waiting, and as I was standing there this weird middle aged dude with mirrored sunglasses and long greasy hair started engaging me in conversation, asking me if I was here to see the parade (no shit) and that I was a gorgeous girl with lips that "looked like they would be nice to kiss", and made some awkward kissy faces and told me I should come to some party at his friend's apartment. Luckily, my friends called then and told me to meet them over at College instead, so I got to get on the subway and get the hell out of there.

It was a pretty gross experience now that I reflect on it, but the entire time I was laughing in my head, thinking it was absolutely hilarious that, out of all the places a straight girl can be hit on by a weird straight guy, it HAD to be the Gay Pride Parade.

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