Friday, December 4, 2009

parkdale's troll of the night

Submitted by: SleepingTiger

I live in and around the area of Parkdale. I experienced s few things already, including a creep who gets aggressive when you turn down his advances on the street. I sometimes don't feel safe in my area. I called the police because I've seen the man do stuff to other women, and generally scare the fuck out of people. He sometimes likes to comment on your appearance if you walk by him.

I remember someone calling after me at night around Cowan and Queen. They wouldn't identify who they were. It was in Masaryk Park. I couldn't see them. You would think it would click with some guys that you are not going to talk to them, if they call after you in a dark area, without identifying themselves. My male friends just would not do that to me.

Just creeps me out someone knows my name, and would do that.

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