Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Upcoming Seminar on the Realities/Myths of Sexual Assault

Next week at Ryerson University there's a seminar on the Realities and Myths of Sexual Assault. It's happening Tuesday March 9th from 7pm-9pm in the Oakham Lounge (55 Gould St.) as part of White Ribbon Pledge Week.

Speakers include:

Jeff Perera - White Ribbon Campaign
= speaking on how male socialization leads to a de-valuation of women and to violence against women, and the meaning of consent.

Imre Juurlink - Supervisor, Ryerson Security & Emergency Services
= Speaking on Sexual Assault within the context of campus life. Also looking at latest info on drugs and alcohol (i.e date rape drugs)

Detective Sergeant Tom Lynch - Toronto Police Services, Sex Crimes Unit, Sexual Assault Squad
= speaking on the law and sexual assault, what happens to a man when he is charged, and to encourage women to empower themselves to report crime.

And free food will be provided as well! Check out the Facebook event page here.

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